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Caravan & Trailer Mobile Gas Certificates

Looking for Caravan & Trailer Gas Certificates in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich?

Caravan Gas Certificates

We’ll check and issue gas safety certificates for caravans & trailers.
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Gas Certificates For Caravans & Trailers

When do I require a Gas certificate?
o Buying a caravan or trailer that has never been registered
o Moving from another state or territory and transferring registration
o Your registration expired more than 3 months ago
o Selling or buying a caravan or trailer

You require a Gas Certificate only if the unit is fitted with fixed or mounted Gas Lines, Appliances, or Regulator.

How long is a Gas Certificate valid?
The Gas Certificate is valid for 3 months! However, it is a ‘One Use Document’ and can only be used for processing once through Queensland Department of Transport.

What happens if it doesn’t pass the inspection?
95% of the time our Qualified Gas technicians can conduct repairs required on the spot to get you compliant.

What does a Gas Compliance Inspection look at?

o Cooker
o Fridge
o Hot Water
o Anode Replacement
o Bayonet
o Space Heater
o Gas Test Point Fitment
o 2 Stage Regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection)
o Gas Tightness
o Regulator Running Pressure
o Ventilation for Appliances
o Warning Labels
o Gas Lines secured properly
o Bottles secured properly
o Gas Bottle Storage
o Gas Regulator

For your caravan to pass the gas compliance inspection it must have the following:

o 2 Stage Regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection)
o Test PointGas Fitters Plate or Gas Compliance Plate
o Australian Certified Appliances
o Comply to Australian Standard AS5601A
o Gas Bottle still in date (10-year expiry)

Older caravans may require a new regulator, test point and flex line.

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