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Get a Caravan Gas Certificate Gold Coast from certified experts at Instant Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical

Know When You Need A Trailer Or Caravan Gas Certificate Gold Coast Caravan & Trailer Mobile Gas Certificates

You need a trailer or caravan gas certificate Gold Coast when:
Buying an unregistered caravan or trailer.
Moving from another state and transferring registration.
It’s been over 3 months since your registration has expired.
Purchasing or selling a caravan or trailer.

However,you should keep in mind that a gas certificate Gold Coast is only necessary if the unit is fitted with mounted or fixed gas lines, regulators, or appliances.

How long is the certificate valid for?
A caravan or trailer gas certificate Gold Coast is valid for 3 months and is a one-use document. This means that it can only be processed once through the Queensland Department of Transport.

Don’t be worried if you don’t pass the inspection
We have a team of highly qualified gas technicians who are experts at conducting repairs on the spot so that you can be compliant. For authentic and genuine mobile caravan roadworthy and gas certificate Gold Coast, get in touch with Instant Mobile Roadworthys and Mechanical today.

Given below are a few things a Gas Compliance Inspection looks at

The safe operation of the following appliances is taken into account:

o Fridge
o Anode Replacement
o Cooker
o Hot Water
o Bayonet
o Gas Test Point Fitment
o Space Heater
o 2 Stage Regulator with OPP(Over Pressure Protection)
o Gas Bottle Storage
o Gas Regulator
o Gas Tightness
o Ventilation for Appliances
o Regulator Running Pressure
o Gas Lines secured properly
o Bottles secured properly,and many more.

In order to pass a compliance inspection, your caravan must have the following:

o Test Point Gas Fitters Plate or Gas Compliance Plate.
o 2 Stage Regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection).
o Australian Certified Appliances.
o Comply with Australian Standard AS5601A.
o Gas Bottle still in date (10-year expiry).

(NOTE: If you have an old caravan, it might require a new regulator, flex line, and test point.)
Fora caravan roadworthy and gas certificate Gold Coast, make sure to give us a call!!

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