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Looking for mobile roadworthy certificate in Ipswich?

Available 7 days a week with over a decade of experience. We aim to take care of all your Roadworthy Safety Certificates, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Caravan Gas Certificates, HVRAS, Certificate of Inspections (COI), Mobile Repairs and much more!

We can send a Qualified Mobile Examiner to your desired location anywhere within the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounding areas, any day or time that is convenient for you.

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All of our services are available throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Ipswich areas.

Our mobile mechanic and certification services are available to all customers throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich & surrounding areas. Find out more details about the locations on our Service Area page.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate In Ipswich From Our Mobile Mechanics

If you have plans to buy a used car or sell your used car, then it is necessary to get a roadworthy certificate in Ipswich for your vehicle as it ensures that the vehicle is safe for the roads.

Getting a mobile safety certificate helps you transfer the ownership easily and decreases the chances of buying a vehicle that is not safe.

Getting a roadworthy certificate in Ipswich is mandatory, especially when selling a registered car or trying to register an unregistered vehicle. And it is only after careful and thorough inspection that an RWC in Ipswich is provided.

If you are looking to get your inspection done today and receive a safety certificate for your vehicle, get in touch with us now!!

Benefits of Having A Roadworthy Certificate In Ipswich

You need to transfer the vehicle's documents to the new owner when you decide to sell your used vehicle. And every buyer would like to know that the vehicle they are purchasing is in good condition. A roadworthy certificate helps in this transfer of ownership. The buyer will ask you for a safety certificate.

Registering a vehicle is a must in the Ipswich region or any other place for that matter. And in Ipswich, you need to produce your RWC Ipswich at the time of your vehicle registration. This safety certificate in Ipswich allows the government to make sure that all vehicles on the roads are safe.

When a vehicle is in good & working condition, the chances of unwanted mishaps get reduced drastically. This can be proved by a roadworthy certificate Ipswich issued by us after careful checking of the vehicle by our highly regarded professionals.

So, call us today!

How To Get A Safety Certificate In Ipswich?

Usually, a licensed operator or a licensed vehicle tester is tasked with issuing a mobile roadworthy Ipswich certificate. The first thing you need to do is look for such an operator from a nominated garage or service station that can check your vehicle to issue mobile safety certificates in Ipswich.

But we have some good news for you. If you are from Ipswich, you do not need to look any further, our Ipswich mobile roadworthy centre is here for you, as we are one of the best in these regions. Not only do we have licensed operators, testers, and mobile examiners, but we can also guarantee you the fact that they have the requisite experience to issue QLD government-approved same day safety certificates in Ipswich.

Our mobile mechanics conduct a series of inspections to make sure whether or not if your vehicle is suitable for the road.

The inspection to issue a safety certificate Ipswich will take approximately 30-45 minutes. If your vehicle is deemed un-roadworthy by an inspector and fails the first inspection, you will be issued a repair notice, which will grant you 14 days from the date of the first inspection to complete any necessary repairs. If the required repair takes longer than expected, taking the re-inspection of your vehicle over the 14-day deadlineplease contact us to arrange a new road safety certificate Ipswich booking.

Once we have done our inspection, we will give you an electronically issued safety certificate Ipswich which does not need to be displayed on your vehicle when it is listed for sale. We will email you with a PDF of your SafetyCertificate Ipswich and give you a printed copy. You must keep this copy of RWC Ipswich if you are requested to produce it by a buyer, buyer's agent, police officer, or transport inspector.

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We are doing our best to to ensure that all our customers and staff are safe during this crisis. Please be assured that we are taking COVID-19 precautions seriously to protect both our customers and staff. We have ensured that all examiners are equipped with hand sanitisers, gloves & disinfectant and will be practicing safe distancing while working.