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Common Questions From Our Customers

A Safety Certificate (Roadworthy Certificate) is a document that you must obtain before you can offer a registered vehicle for sale.

The inspection will take approximately 30-45 minutes and is a detailed safety report that will be issued If the vehicle passes or fails inspection, If it fails you have fourteen days to rectify the problem and get a reinspection.

The Safety Certificate is designed to keep vehicles that are on the road safe to avoid accidents caused by un-roadworthy and defective vehicles.

This offers the buyer protection when purchasing that the vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. Instant Mobile Roadworthys follows a strict code of practice at all times in accordance with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

We are approved inspection examiners and have conducted thousands of safety inspections.

Once we have done our inspection, we will give you an electronically issued certificate which does not need to be displayed on your vehicle when it is listed for sale. We will email you with a PDF of your Safety Certifiacte and also give you a printed copy.You must keep this copy incase you are requested to produce it by a buyer, buyer’s agent, police officer or transport inspector.
What is a hvras (heavy vehicle registration assessment scheme) and when is it required?
HVRAS is basically a comprehensive evaluation of light and heavy trailers or heavy vehicles dimension to ensure that heavy vehicles of more than 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) comply with
If the vehicle or trailer is being registered in QLD from other state or if the QLD registration has expired.

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How can I obtain an inspection certificate online (ico)?
All Instant Safety Certificates are issued via ICO and will be received in a email PDF format. This also means QLD Transport instantly have access to it on their system when required.
What if my vehicle fails a safety inspection?
If your vehicle is deemed un-roadworthy by an inspector and fails the first inspection, you will be issued a repair notice which will grant you 14 days from the date of the first inspection to complete any necessary repairs.

You will not be charged the full inspection price again! Only a small mobile call out fee will be payable upon the second inspection, depending on your location.

If the necessary repair takes longer than expected, taking the re-inspection of your vehicle over the 14-day deadline, please contact us to arrange a new certificate booking.
What can a safety certificate (rwc) be used for?
The Safety Certificates we issue can be used for new registration, late registration renewal or registration transfer purposes in the State of Queensland.

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What are the benefits of inspection certificates online (ico)?
Online Certificates eliminate any unnecessary paperwork from the registration transfer process. Any vehicle with a valid QLD registration can be transferred between owners online without having to visit a TMR branch.

QLD registered Heavy Vehicles and Heavy Trailers can renew their registration online with the issue of such a certificate, without having to visit a TMR branch.
What if I cannot be present at the time of an inspection?
If you are unable to make it to the Inspection appointment, just remember that we can also do the Inspection at your work on the Gold Coast Brisbane & Ipswich Areas.

We often do inspections unattended so you may also leave the keys at a disclosed location to allow us access to the vehicle and complete the payment beforehand over the phone.

In the case of a Pre-purchase Inspection, it is common not to be there however we would require you to get in touch with the seller before you book your appointment to advise them of the booking.

We require the sellers contact details to confirm booking availability directly with them also if you prefer, we can arrange suitable time with them to save you the hassle of being the middle man.
When do I NOT need a safety certificate (rwc)?
An RWC is NOT required in the following scenarios:
  • The disposer is in an area of exemption
  • A beneficiary of a deceased estate
  • Transfer takes place between spouses (including separated married couples and registered partners – until such time that the divorce or application to end the registered relationship is finalised)
  • Remote locations
What do you look for during a safety inspection?
The following link details the items we look for during a Safety Inspection.

QLD Vehicle Inspection Guidelines
What if my vehicle is modified?
There are certain guidelines between which vehicles can be modified for road use.

Some minor modifications do not require additional certification to be deemed road legal, whilst others require a QLD modification plate to be attached to the vehicle along with the certification of modifications.

A modification plate and its certification can only be issued by a licensed person.

For list of modification and additional information on modification plates click on the following link.

QLD Light Vehicle Modifications
My vehicle is unregistered is that ok
Yes that’s fine. The vehicle is required to be taken for a road test, but don’t worry, we carry a trade plate which enables us to road-test a vehicle safely and legally.
Do I still have to pay for the inspection if it’s a fail?
If your vehicle does not meet the minimum safety requirement set by transport and main roads YES you are still required to pay for the the Safety Certificate inspection fee.

However you have 14 days to attend to the noted items and do not have to pay for the Safety Certificate. However, a small call out fee for the sign off does apply subject to location.
Are you strict with your insepctions?
We follow the strict guidelines set by Department of transport & main roads Code of practice.