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Tyre Services

Looking for Tyres in the Gold Coast?

Tyre Services

Tyre Fit
We offer a wide range of tyres to suit your needs

Stay safe on The Road, Check your tyres!

A tyre's lifetime and condition is something that you should always keep in mind.

There is no set lifetime for a tyre as the rate of wear this depends on many factors, so it is vital to be aware and regularly check your tyre condition and replace them when necessary or have a qualified mechanic inspect for you, as they may appear to be in usable condition but no longer be safe.

There are several ways to tell whether or not your tyres need changing, for instance the minimum legal thread depth for Queensland is 1.5mm, however, many manufacturers recommended changing your tyres before they reach this minimum point as the wet grip would already be dramatically reduced by the time it reaches 3mm.

It Is important to regularly check 3 key factors of your tyres to ensure safety.
o  Tyre pressure
o  Wheel alignment
o  Thread

Our Tyre Services

At Instant Mobile Roadworthys & Mechanical, we offer tyre fit service and have a huge range of tyre types available to suit your vehicle and specific requirements.

Get in touch or visit our workshop to discuss your needs!

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