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Mobile Roadworthy Certificates
Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich

Looking for mobile roadworthy certificate in Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich?

Safety Certificates

Cars and Trucks, both Private and Commercial, Manual or Automatic, 4WD etc.
Taxis, Private Hire, Limo, Uber – we do it all!
Light trailers (up to and including 3.5t ATM), Box trailers, Camper trailers
Caravans, Horse Floats and Light Vehicles (up to and including 4.5t GVM)

Why should I get Safety Certificate (RWC)?

Because you can’t sell or transfer a registered vehicle without one!

By law, a Safety Certificate (or ‘Roadworthy Certificate’) is a required document that must be obtained before the offer of any registered vehicle for sale. …and that’s where we can help!

Our inspections take less than an hour to complete and provide a full and thorough report detailing whether a vehicle has passed or failed inspection. Don’t worry if your vehicle fails – you have up to fourteen days to rectify any issues and get a re-inspection.

The Safety Certificate ensures vehicles on the road are safe, helping to prevent accidents caused by otherwise non-roadworthy vehicles. This ensures buyer/seller protection during a purchase, certifying a vehicle has met the required minimum safety standards.

Our approved and experienced vehicle inspectors adhere to a strict code of practice, in keeping with the standards of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Upon completion, you will be provided with both an electronically issued and printed certificate, and emailed a PDF copy for your records, (copies should be kept in case of a request by the relevant authorities; police, Transport inspector, or by request of buyer/buyer’s agent).

Please note, the only circumstances where a Safety Certificate (RWC) may NOT be required are as follows:
o  The disposer of the vehicle is within a specified area of exemption.
o  The recipient of the vehicle is the beneficiary of a deceased estate.
o  The transfer of the vehicle is between spouses (including separated couples/partners that are still married/registered– only until such time that any divorce or application to end the registered relationship is finalised).

What if my vehicle fails?

If our inspectors deem your vehicle un-roadworthy and it fails, you will receive a repair notice that grants the recipient 14 days from the date of inspection to complete the required repairs.

Instant Mobile Roadworthys policy ensures you won’t be charged for a full inspection for your second inspection, only a call-out fee (subject to location). If your required repairs take longer than the fourteen-day limit, please get in touch to arrange a new certification booking.

Our Safety Certificates can also be used for new registration, late registration renewal, or registration transfer purposes in the State of Queensland: click here for further information.

Do I have to be present at the inspection?

Not at all – if you’re within the Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich, then we’ll come to you!

We can often conduct an inspection unattended, just get in touch beforehand and let us know where we can collect the vehicle keys, and complete payment over the phone.

Do I really need a Safety Certificate?

The simple answer is – Yes, absolutely.

They’re required by law, and you can’t register a vehicle without one. At Instant Mobile Roadworthys we make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, ensuring your safety on Australian roads, and peace of mind that your vehicle is performing in peak condition.

Our comprehensive inspections will include, (but not be limited to):
o  Bodywork (incl. rust/damage)
o  Brakes
o  Lights
o  Steering
o  Suspension
o  Tyres
o  Windscreen

Successful Certification will be valid for three months/1000km (whichever comes first) from the date of issue for licensed motor dealers, or two months/2000km (whichever comes first) for all other sellers.

How Long Is A Roadworthy Certificate Valid For?

The duration for which a mobile rwc in Gold Coast is valid largely depends on who is selling the vehicle.

• In the case of licensed motor dealers – roadworthy certificate Gold Coast is valid for 3 months or 1,000km (whichever comes first from the date of issue).
• In the case of all other sellers – a roadworthy certificate Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich, in this case, is valid for 2 months or 2,000 km (whichever comes first from the date of issue.

If you want, you can use the same rwcGold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich to register an unregistered vehicle. You can then transfer the registration so long as you do this within the limits set previously.

However, you are required to get anew rwc Gold Coast every time you plan on selling your vehicle. This is applicable even if you sell it within the limits set previously. A single roadworthy Gold Coast certificate can be used for only 1 transfer.

What is The Cost of Mobile Roadworthy/Safety Certificates In Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich?

Many roadworthy  certificate providers claim they offer the best rates, but only we can guarantee any price in the market.

We will provide you with a cheap roadworthy certificate without compromising its authenticity. We have the best operators, testers, and mechanics working for us who only issue rwc Gold Coast after conducting a thorough inspection.

Hence, whether you are looking for a car safety certificate Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich or a trailer roadworthy certificate Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich, we can assure you that you will get the best rates at Instant Mobile Roadworthys.

Why Choose Us For A Roadworthy Certificate In Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich?

• Onsite inspections

We save you the pain of travelling to us. Instead, we come to you to carry out our inspections.

• We value your time

This is why we provide same-day services. Moreover, if your vehicle passes the inspection, then we will issue your safety certificate on that day itself.

• Licenced experts

Only the best and licenced testers, mechanics, and operators work for us. This means you can expect the best services and also genuine safety certificates. 

Contact Us For Mobile Roadworthy Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich

By now, you should have got an idea about the services we provide and from whom you receive your mobile roadworthy certificate Gold Coast - South Brisbane & Brisbane CBD - Ipswich– licenced operators and testers.

So, if it is authenticity you are worried about, we can assure you that you are in safe hands. But, do not take our words for it. Just look at our client testimonials on google.

When we provide any service to our customers, we pour our hearts out – a trait that has enabled us to be one of the best in the industry. You can call us on +61 447 146 013 or email your requirements at

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