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Pre-Purchase Inspections Gold Coast

Looking for mobile pre-purchase inspections in Gold Coast?

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Ensure the vehicle you’re buying/selling is safe and road legal.

We’re available to come to you, seven days a week, for standard or comprehensive inspections with optional safety certification, providing convenience and peace of mind.

We provide Pre-Purchase Inspections for a variety of vehicles, including:

Cars and Trucks, both Private and Commercial, Manual or Automatic, 4WD etc.
Taxis, Private Hire, Limo, Uber – we do it all!
Caravans, Horse Floats and Light Vehicles (up to and including 4.5t GVM)
Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds

What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

The Pre-Purchase Inspection is an objective and detailed report of a vehicle’s condition – for buyers this provides reassurance and peace of mind, for sellers, this can increase a vehicle’s potential value when negotiating price.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced mechanics, technicians, and approved examiners, all of whom have spent a career examining a variety of vehicles in every condition you could imagine – their highly qualified and unbiased opinions are supported by a wealth of experience, ensuring a fair evaluation of a vehicle’s condition.

Our Gold Coast Pre-Purchase package options:


Pre-Purchase Inspection Bundle


Verbal Report


Road Test


Mechanical Integrity Inspection


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Pre-Purchase Inspection Bundle


All Standard Services Plus:


Detailed Digital Report


Pictures & Comments


Exterior & Interior Inspection


Vehicle History Check


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Pre-Purchase Inspection Bundle


All Comprehensive Services Plus:


Diagnostic With Scan Tools


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What is included in a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

After every inspection, a full and detailed report of our findings will be emailed to you, with accompanying images of every component that’s been tested (Engine, Chassis, Tyres, Exterior, Interior, etc.) complete with our examiner’s comments attached.

Further to this, our team will contact you to verbally walk you through the report and answer any and all questions that you may have.

You are not required to be present for the inspection, so if you’re buying out of state or simply unable to take time off work, it’s no problem.

Our inspections can take up to two hours depending on the vehicle and its condition, after which a full and detailed report is emailed directly to you.

Why should I get Pre-Purchase Inspection in The Gold Coast?

A Pre-Purchase Inspection will provide you with the verifiable evidence of everything you might want to know about a vehicle: For buyers, this saves you time and potentially thousands of dollars where you might have ended up with a vehicle that was substantially less than it appeared to be (otherwise known as a lemon!)

This also saves time for sellers, reassuring any potential customers whilst also helping to lock in a better price during negotiation. It’s important to note, a Safety Certificate is only provided for a basic safety check, ensuring a vehicle’s condition is complying with Queensland Transport’s Code of Practice, it does NOT account for a vehicle’s mechanical reliability or its general condition.

However, a Pre-Purchase Inspection from our team is a comprehensive and detailed report of a vehicle’s condition, providing a potential buyer with exact knowledge of a vehicle’s condition, so that they might know precisely what they’re getting for their money.

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